Our company is here, located at IJburg in Amsterdam, to extend people's live and give them a higher quality of life by building a healthier and fit body in a relaxed and carefree mind in order to achieve their main goals in their life. We all know that you can be highly productive when you feel fit and are carefree. Our way of training people will unleash your highest potential
and get you to your overall life goals.

With functional ftness you can achieve a lot! Invest in yourself and get back even more than a fit body!

"I’ve always loved sports and tried different kinds of sports until I found CrossFit, which kept me coming back for more, it is so much fun because of all the variety in it."

- Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel
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In need of a personal trainer?

Whatever your health and fitness goal may be, we will help you to reach that goal.

WODs In The Sun?

Have you always been dreaming of a vacation in the sun with a daily training session?

We offer you a nice sunny holiday and a trainingcamp with a daily 3-hour workout.

Online Personal Training

We will personally train you online and help to achieve your goals, using online communication tools and systems.

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Fit Boutique Yourfitbiz
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1087 VW IJburg, Amsterdam