About our Founder

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel

I’ve always loved sports and tried different kinds of sports until I found CrossFit, which kept me coming back for more, because it is so much fun because of all the variety in it.

For years I was an allround trainer. I used to teach tennis, fitness, basketball, different kind of grouplessons and personal training.
I did this during and right after my sports education. I had my first conventional gym for 17 years.
At the moment I give Crossfit and Personal Training in our gym in Amsterdam.
If you want to book personal training you can contact me here: contact

My experience

With over 25 years of experience I can say that I have trained quite some different people with all various goals and I am thankful for making this passion my job.

My sports education

R.S.L.A. (Recreation Sports Leader A)
C.I.O.S. ( Central Institute of Sports Education)
Personal Trainer A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise)
A.A.F.A. (American Aerobics and Fitness Association)
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit online courses

To understand the acts and drive of my clients and to help them properly I’ve also studied Psychology.

My statement

Whatever your health and fitness goal may be, I will help you to reach that goal.
Together we will start first with a free 15-minute intake, which can be done by phone or live in my gym in Amsterdam.
After this intake session you purchase a personal training package in my free app. You can find the Crossfitflames app in Apple Store or Google Play Store.
In the schedule you will see the available days and hours to book a session.
Now you can plan your first training with me.

Let’s break all the boundaries  and reveal your potential!
I train all levels, which means from beginner to competition athlete.
Your training will be 100% customized.

Get in touch

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These are the competitions I joined:














I also did some team competitions which was a different way of competing but above all very special to experience due to the unique mental and physical impact on me as a team member.