Personal Training

My experience

With over 25 years of experience I can say that I have trained quite some different people with all various goals and I am thankful for making this passion my job.

My sports education

R.S.L.A. (Recreation Sports Leader A)
C.I.O.S. ( Central Institute of Sports Education)
Personal Trainer A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise)
A.A.F.A. (American Aerobics and Fitness Association)
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit online courses

To understand the acts and drive of my clients and to help them properly I’ve also studied Psychology.

My statement

Whatever your health and fitness goal may be, I will help you to reach that goal.
Together we will start first with a free 15-minute intake, which can be done by phone or live in my gym in Amsterdam.
After this intake session you purchase a personal training package in my free app. You can find the Crossfitflames app in Apple Store or Google Play Store.
In the schedule you will see the available days and hours to book a session.
Now you can plan your first training with me.

Let’s break all the boundaries  and reveal your potential!
I train all levels, which means from beginner to competition athlete.
Your training will be 100% customized.

Get in touch

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Personal training Amsterdam Oost

Everyone has good intentions from time to time. There is even a top ten of good intentions. And number one on that list is ‘more sports’. This is directly followed by the desire to eat healthier and lose weight. That is not so surprising, because often sports and healthier eating to lose weight are linked. But the fact that these two items are at the top shows how much people want it. Exercise more and live healthier. That sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to actually do it. Then the help of a personal trainer Amsterdam Oost can be very welcome. And that does not necessarily have to take effect on January 1 of each year.

Set your goals

You may think that a personal trainer is not for you. But a personal trainer can be of significance to everyone, including you. A personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to make a personal schedule for you. And in that schedule, a number of things are taken into account, such as your training goals, your nutritional needs and the intensity of the training. If you follow that schedule, you can work on muscle building and controlled weight loss in a responsible way. And you know for sure that you have a good diet, where you eat healthy and get enough nutrients.

A good diet plan

Why choose a personal trainer when you can also go to the gym for a group class? That is a good question. But the answer is quite simple. Because a personal trainer gives you personal attention and helps you to carry out your training schedule properly. The moment an exercise fails, you can be helped immediately. Or it can be checked whether there is an alternative so that you do not get injured. In addition, you will receive a nutrition plan that is completely tailored to the physical exertion you do. This way you have the right nutrients on intensive sports days that give you enough energy to be able to do the training at full capacity. And above all, a personal trainer motivates you and drags you through the moments when you don’t feel like it. And will of course encourage you to get the best out of yourself.

Types of fitness and training program

If you opt for personal training Amsterdam East, you choose a training program with achievable goals. As an experienced sports instructor, Marcha has been teaching for years. She currently works as a Crossfit instructor and personal trainer. In her sporting career she has participated in many different sports, such as tennis, fitness and basketball. She also had her own gym for many years. Marcha is not only a Crossfit trainer, she also actively participates in competitions since 2014. For her, the variety in the different parts of Crossfit is the best sporting challenge.

Start today

Don’t just leave your good intentions on paper, but convert them into sporting action. Get started with a personal trainer to achieve your sporting goals; get fit and develop stamina with a healthy diet that is tailored to reach your goals. And all at a time that suits you best.