Get the best out of yourself at Crossfit Amsterdam Oost

We probably don’t need to tell you what Crossfit is. Everyone knows the avid athletes who are making waves in a room with a large rope, or who complete a course with a sandbag on their shoulders. Don’t feel like participating? Or do you think it is not for you, because you are not that sporty and not in good shape? Then there is good news. Crossfit is for everyone, even if you don’t think you’re very good at sports. Because Crossfit is so diverse that the challenge to get the best out of yourself has never been so much fun to take on. Take on this challenge at Crossfitt Amsterdam Oost.

What is Crossfit?

Some further explanation about Crossfit is useful. Because it’s more than just lifting heavy things. Crossfit is actually a combination of different sports. Think athletics, weightlifting and gymnastics. The exercises are derived from these sports and compiled into a training form. And precisely because it is a combination of several sports, it provides a lot of variety. Not only for physical development, but also mentally. Because if you don’t find weight lifting a challenge in itself, then with the Crossfit training you will find a form of weight lifting that is slightly different and therefore challenging. And that in turn ensures that you last longer and can surpass yourself.

What does a Crossfit workout consist of?

At Crossfit you take on the challenge with yourself. A complete training consists of a warm-up, after which you start the training exercises. This is a bit technical, because it is of course important that you perform all the exercises correctly. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get to the WOD. That’s the commonly used term for Workout Of the Day. This WOD usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. This is the most intensive part of the training, you really go to the extreme to get the best out of yourself. And the challenge can be made even bigger if you make a small competition with the other Crossfitters and keep track of the results of everyone’s training.

What materials do you use for the Crossfit Amsterdam East training?

For a large part you perform the Crossfit exercises with your own body. So your training consists of punches, pulls, pushes, runs, climbs…. Everything that gets your body moving and that can make you fit and healthy. But of course there are also materials to support these exercises even more. We are indeed talking about those sandbags and ropes. But also about dumbells, kettlebells, or even tractor tires. Based on the training schedule, you complete all exercises and build up a fantastic condition and you get a naturally muscular body.

Is Crossfit also something for you?

The great thing about Crossfit is that anyone can do it, regardless of age, athletic experience or fitness. At Crossfit Amsterdam East we have personal trainers who guide you to build up the training and who advise you on how to best perform the exercises. Even if you already practice another sport, Crossfit is a very good addition to improve your condition. So whether you’re young or old, make Crossfit a part of your athletic program. Then you will also enjoy a healthier and fitter body.