Our Trainers

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel

Founder & Trainer

I’ve always loved sports and tried different kinds of sports until I found CrossFit, which kept me coming back for more, because it is so much fun because of all the variety in it.

For years I was an allround trainer. I used to teach tennis, fitness, basketball, different kind of grouplessons and personal training.
I did this during and right after my sports education. I had my first conventional gym for 17 years.
At the moment I give Crossfit and Personal Training in our gym in Amsterdam.
If you want to book personal training you can contact me here: contact
My first competition was in September 2014.

Oliver Lemmer


CF-level 1 trainer

Mma black belt coach

Sports masseur

CrossFit Masters Athlete

World Champion Functional Fitness

Wendy Bos


Hi! Let me introduce myself: I am Wendy, born in Zeeland. The human body has always interested me, so after serving 7.5 years in the Royal Navy, I started following various massage courses. Holistic massage, hot stone massage, chair massage, holistic pulsing and magnetization. Still, there was still a lot to learn for me mentally and physically. 

I was a fanatical smoker and sports was no longer in my dictionary. Until 2014! Due to the wise lessons I received, I decided to completely change course and focused on training, losing weight and nutrition. Result: 10 kg lighter, stopped smoking without any aids. 

I wanted to share my experiences and decided to do a boot camp course to find out if I wanted to grow further in this. This turned out to be the case and I then passed fitness trainer level 1. Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga have now been added to the package. 

In 2018 I came into contact with Crossfit. From zero experience in this, I have now grown into a crossfit athlete and regularly participate in various competitions at home and abroad. More to come!

Mirella Naarden-Liefeld


With knowledge from my surgery assistant training, various sports courses and my dance and faith background, I train you to feel good about yourself again.

I do this through a holistic approach. I believe that your mind, body & soul are connected and that is why we take step by step what is needed to regain balance and you can achieve your (mental) health goals through. fitness and/or dance training.

This only works if you dare to be confronted with the (un)truth you tell yourself. This way we can make progress together for you by converting your (un)truth into the truth that works for you.

“When Your Body Moves, Your Life Moves!”